Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tigers shock Lightning - win 26-0, to go 2-0

Game report supplied by William Clark - Glasgow

The Tigers started quickly and recovered a fumbled punt return by Northumberland, and this set up some nice field position. A run from Kris Krol followed by a pass reception from Pete McNaughton and then full back Yoann Hubert was able to run in his first Tigers touchdown.

The Lightning stopped the conversion but the Tigers soon doubled their lead when Liam Baird recovered another Lightning fumble. This time it was McNaughton who bulldozed his way in for a touchdown. Tigers QB Paddy O’Donnell then ran right across to the sideline and dived for the pylon to secure the two point conversion.

As the second quarter progressed the Glasgow team added another score when Robb Renyi intercepted a Lightning pass and ran the ball into the end zone. The Lightning defence stopped the conversion but the Tigers had a 20 - 0 lead. On Northumberland’s next drive, Linebacker Stevie Munro intercepted another wayward pass to give the Tigers the ball but time expired on this drive for the half.

In the third quarter Northumberland came out with a good drive and tried a field goal. Tigers Lineman Mark Chalmers forced his way into the line and blocked the kick. Midway through the fourth quarter and another Tigers touchdown, this time Krol ran it in, after a big pass reception from O’Donnell to Robert Morrison.

As the Lightning tried to get something going on the back of a big Jordan Nellis run, another pass was tipped by Thompson Sunerton and then intercepted by Ben Filmer who ran it back 15 yards. With further fumble recoveries from Dean Jardine and Munro, the Northumberland offence were having a tough day.

The Tigers next fixture is on the 08th May when they host the Newcastle Vikings.

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